How To Trade

How To Trade

We make trading for Shopkins fun and easy!

Usually, a Shopkins Swap requires that you have what the other wants making it difficult to get the Shopkin you really want. Instead, we trade with Shopkin Swap Points. This allows you to bank points to trade for any Shopkin you want at any time you want. Not enough points? Your member page will have an option to buy points.

After registering (FREE), you will get 15 Shopkin Swap Points that you can use right away to make a trade.  

Shopkins point values are determined by the Season , the Collection, and Rarity.

Points range:

  • Common -  5-15 Shopkins Swap Points

  • Rare - 20-40 Shopkins Swap Points

  • Ultra Rare - 25-250 Shopkins Swap Points.

  • Limited Edition - 25-? Shopkins Swap Points

Steps To Add Your Shopkin For Trade

1. Register.

2. Gather the Shopkins that you want to trade. Make sure they look SHINY and NEW.  They can be out of package, very GENTLY used but CLEAN and no smudges or color rubbed off.

3. Add your Shopkins for trade using the Gallery page. Go to the Gallery page and click the “I Have” button. You will be asked to agree to the rules and confirm.

4. Go to your member page to check your Shopkin is listed under “Shopkins you have for trade in the Gallery”.

5. Also, Check the Gallery page for “Available” to have INCREASED by 1. 

Shopkins are traded on a “first in, first out” system. If you Shopkin is the only one listed “Available: 1” will be displayed. It will be the first one out when picked for a swap. If you add a Shopkin for trade and there was already one listed. “Available:2” will be displayed. It will go out after the one that was already listed.

6. You will be notified by email when someone is ready to trade. The email will contain their mailing address. Click the “Confirm Trade” link to complete the trade and transfer points. After the trade is confirmed, the Shopkin points will be added to your account. The link will expire within 24 hours so confirm it right away. By clicking “List My Shopkin”, you agree to ship your SHINY and NEW Shopkin within 2-3 days.  

*If you have a PayPal membership, use this link to buy postage from your computer.  

You will be asked to login and then directed to the create address label page.

​Steps to Request a Shopkin Trade

1. Go Gallery page and click “I Want”. You will be asked to agree to the rules and understand the instructions. 

2. Next, you will enter your shipping address.

3. An email will be sent to your trade partner to confirm they have the Shopkin for trade, it's Shiny and New and they can mail it to you within 2-3 days.

4. If you do not receive your Shopkin within 10 days, please contact us to help resolve the matter. Please read terms and conditions for more information.