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We hope you join our Shopkins Swap Site. The more that join the better the variety of Shopkins. Let us know now if you would like to swap with us. It's free! The option to buy points will be available but for now we are giving away lots of points so you can get lots of Shopkins!!! Launch date has been re- scheduled for September 23th, 2016.

Thanks so much for checking out!


we make Trading for Shopkins super fun and easy!

Usually, a Shopkins Swap requires that you have what the other wants making it difficult to get that Shopkin you really want.  Instead, we trade with Shopkins Swap Points. This allows you to bank the points to trade for any Shopkin on the site. It’s simple. And fun!

After registering (FREE), you will get 15 Shopkins Swap Points that you can use to make a trade.

Shopkins Points Value:

  • Common -  15-20 Shopkins Swap Points

  • Rare - 10-25 Shopkins Swap Points

  • Ultra Rare - 25-150 Shopkins Swap Points.

  • Limited Edition - 25-? Shopkins Swap Points

The first thing you want to do is mark your Shopkins for trade by using the Shopkin Swap Gallery page.  When someone trades their points for your Shopkin, you earn more Shopkin Swap Points!

Earn 25 extra Shopkins Swap Points NOW when you sign-up for the

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Check back soon for more ways to earn  Shopkins Swap Points.